Casio Pathfinder PAG80TCasio Pathfinder PAG80T

PAG80T is packed with innovative technologies and handy tools just like a typical Casio watch.

The versatile Pathfinder fits in all surroundings due to its elegant titanium case and band.

Triple Sensor and Tough Solar technologies make PAG80T an invaluable tool for extreme outdoor adventures and sports.

Triple Sensors:

PAG80T has three built-in sensing instruments namely the altimeter, barometer and thermometer.

The altimeter displays the current elevation from a specified reference point.

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It uses interactive graphic and pictorial aids to feed information to the user. That’s why; timing your ascent or descent is easier and fun with a Casio Pathfinder PAG80T.

The barometer lets you measure the wind pressure and keep track of changes in atmospheric pressure. Thermometer does the job of gauging the temperature. Mountaineers and skydivers can predict weather changes by manipulating the temperature and pressure readings which definitely is, a life saving skill for them.

Digital Compass:

The digital compass generates precise readings of your current heading with a sixteen point direction measurement feature. The digital compass accurately measures the direction using one degree as the smallest unit.

Tough Solar Power:

This innovative technology has virtually eliminated the battery-life concept of watches. The solar cell charges a rechargeable battery upon exposure to light. The battery stores as much charge, at one time, as it can keep the watch running for six months without another recharge. Moreover, both the cell and battery are durable enough to last as long as the watch does.


The watch remains fully operational at night-time and in poor light conditions, thanks to its full auto EL-Backlight. The intelligent watch lightens up the display as you turn your wrist towards your face. The action is triggered by an angle sensor; it turns ON the light upon sensing a 40° change in angle, relative to the horizon.

The Pro’s & Con’s Of The Casio Pathfinder PAG80T


  • The titanium casing and band impart elegance and durability to the watch.
  • The altimeter, barometer and compass features make up a valuable toolkit for professional adventurers and sportspersons.
  • The Tough Solar technology makes you stop worrying about power supply; it relieves you from the hassle of changing batteries from time to time.
  • With PAG80t, you can keep track of time according to 29 different time zones.
  • Count-down timer, stop watch, auto calendar and multiple-alarm features add up to an already huge pile of hot features and techs.
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  • You can’t use a PAG80T while swimming or scuba diving because it is not “waterproof”; it is just “water resistant”.
  • The barometer is susceptible to minor inaccuracies in dire environmental conditions.

Specifications of PAG80t:

  • Casing and Band:                              Titanium
  • Dimensions (in millimeters):       62.3 X 52.2 X 14.2
  • Weight (in grams):                           118

Let me show you what an owner of the watch has to say:

JD – North Carolina – US

JD starts out his review stating that he recieved the PAG80T as a gift from a friend. He says he loves the fact that the watch has solar power. The watch is loaded with functions which he has found numerous uses for.

He states that with all the functions the watch is a great selection for any outdoor adventurer or day hiker. He mainly uses it for outdoor photography by utilizing the compass feature to figure out which way the sun will come up for different shots.

Overall he gives the watch a full five stars and closes his review by stating the watch is well worth the investment.

Review Paraphrased for size

My Verdict:

PAG80t wraps up all the dirty tools for outdoor adventurers in its chic titanium attire.

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