Casio Pathfinder PAW5000Casio Pathfinder PAW5000

PAW 5000 is one of the most sophisticated watches of the Casio’s Pathfinder category.

The watch tells time, direction, height, temperature and wind pressure by using both digital and analog displays.

The dual displays impart versatility to the watch in terms of style.The feature packed watch is meant for outdoor adventurers just like other Pathfinder watches.

Loaded with out of the box technologies like tough solar, tough movement and atomic timekeeping, the PAW 5000 watch acts as a perfect example of Casio’s leading struggle for innovation.

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Take A Look At The Benefits Of The PAW5000

  • PAW 5000 comes with the characteristic triple sensor technology of Pathfinder watches. The Altimeter, barometer and thermometer sensors are crucial for daring mountaineers and skydivers. The three sensors keep you informed of your current height, the wind pressure and temperature. Altimeter helps you in timing your ascent and descent.


  • The altimeter also displays an altimeter tendency graph and indicates the differentials using the analog needle. The built in barometer and thermometer instruments can be used to predict weather as well as keep the barometric altimeter accurate if you have got one.


  • The digital compass tells your course from one of the sixteen directions. The analog display shows the north direction using its second hand. The watch has the ability to automatically correct its direction reading affected by magnetic factors.


  • The innovative Tough Solar technology ensures virtually unlimited power supply to the watch. A rechargeable battery is charged by a solar cell. With a fully charged battery, the watch can operate for a whopping five months without further exposure to light. Moreover, both the battery and the solar cell last as long as the watch continues to function.


  • PAW5000 boasts of the innovative multi band atomic timekeeping technology. The watch synchronizes its displayed time with the atomic clocks located in US, UK, Germany Japan and China. It does so by receiving time calibration radio signals automatically up to six times a day.


  • The watch is equipped with Casio’s out of the box tough movement technology. The watch is capable of correcting the displayed time if altered by any shock or other environmental factors. The anomaly in time is detected and corrected automatically by the watch.

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  • Dimensions (in millimeters): 56.8 x 49.3 x 14.3
  • Weight (in grams): 90
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters.
  • Accuracy (without signal calibration): +/- fifteen seconds per months.
  • Tells time according to 29 different Time Zones.
  • Full Auto LED Backlight.
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The watch combines pioneering technologies, a hoard of sports watch features and an elegant analog display to mesmerize adventurers.